Over the years, numerous RPG-systems have been played, tested and reviewed. Some of the material even survived critical fumbles and technological mishaps and made it to the present.

Concerning the public material, tremendous amounts of piles of resources and collectibles have been gathered over the aeons, but have not been structured or sorted very well. Some of the sub sections hold fractions of this material. The rest hasn't been assigned and inserted (yet?) or has been lost irretrievably in time and space.

Campaign Diaries
The diaries have been moved from publicly accessible pages to internal sections. People who took part in the respective sessions should know where to look for them and how to obtain the material. Otherwise e-mail me.
Directory of Names
This section holds lists of names - just that. If you look for a nice name for one of your characters or a series of names of a particular nationality or cultural region, this might be what you are looking for.
Franconian RPG Resources
The resources in this section are related and specific to institutions, locations and events in or around Nürnberg. Nürnberg is a medium-sized city, which happens to reside roughly in the center of the province of Franconia, the latter of which is located in the north of the federal state of Bavaria, which, in turn, is located in the south of Germany. For further information about Germany, please refer to central Europe, a place located somewhere on the northern hemisphere of a small, mostly harmless, blue planet floating in endless space.
What kind of role player am I?
Make use of this opinion poll to determine what kind of role player you are. Make it also available to your team mates to check whether they are compatible with your prefered style of play.
Online Roleplaying Resources
Resources on online roleplaying.

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