Radiance Genasi

Radiance Genasi (known among themselves as Disciples of the Incandescent Colours) hail from a plane where every moment of their existence is surrounded by, and suffused with, a scintillating, never-ending display of the most beautiful colors and lights in the Multiverse. As a consequence, most of the Radiance Genasi that leave the Plane of Radiance are profoundly and utterly disappointed by the (comparatively) dull and dreary nature of the rest of the Multiverse. And so, in a similar fashion to their Ash Genasi cousins, most Radiance Genasi figure they've seen enough of the Multiverse and immediately head back home.

But, like their Ash Genasi cousins, a few stick around. These are the Radiance Genasi who hit the planes and figure "It can't all be this dull and dreary." So they let their natural curiosity take hold and they begin wandering the planes looking for things of beauty. To their credit, these Genasi usually discover somewhere along the way that "Beauty" can take forms other than blindingly brilliant and beautiful colors, and they gain a respect for the artworks of many cultures (both Prime and Planar). In some cases, Radiance Genasi even learn to appreciate art from cultures most other folks wouldn't consider "beautiful," such as Kobold "dung and worm sculpture" - a medium most bashers can't appreciate. Fortunately, most Disciples of the Incandescent Colors don't go quite this far in their quest for art and "beauty".

It should be noted that occasionally a Radiance Genasi will decide to make their own beauty rather than seeking it out. Probably the most famous of these is the woman known simply as The Coruscate who has the ability to make achingly beautiful sculptures out of "solid light." How she shapes the lights and keeps them mobile, suspended, and permanent is a dark to everyone but her.

And, of course, many of these Radiance Genasi, whether they're searching for "Beauty" or making their own, will twig to the notion that "Beauty" isn't necessarily visual, and they'll begin seeking (or crafting) literature, poetry, music, and so forth. Basically, if it's artistic in any way, there's probably some Radiance Genasi either doing it or searching it out among the planes.

Radiance Genasi are visually striking. Their skin is always a vibrant, distinctive color (green, blue, purple, and so on), and their hair is usually a violently contrasting color from their skin. Additionally, they'll have one or more of the following:

Despite their vari-colored skin and hair, most Radiance Genasi are extremely attractive, so they gain a +1 bonus to their Charisma. They also gain a +1 bonus to their Intelligence to reflect their natural appreciation for art in its varied forms. Unfortunately, Radiance Genasi are notoriously frail, so they suffer a -1 penalty to both Strength and Constitution.

Radiance Genasi are completely immune to both natural fire and to being blinded by bright light (even if the bright light is magically induced). This isn't to say that they can't be blinded; the Wizard spell Power Word, Blind (for instance) doesn't rely on bright light to achieve the blinding effect, and Radiance Genasi are therefore just as susceptible to that spell as are any other group of berks. However, casting a Continual Light spell (for example) on a Radiance Genasi's eyes won't have any effect. Radiance Genasi also receive a +1 bonus to their saving throws vs. fire-based magic and illusions every 5 levels. Note that this bonus applies to illusions (i.e. magical constructs which rely on fooling the optical senses) but not to phantasms (i.e. magical constructs placed directly in a cutter's mind, bypassing the optical senses entirely). Additionally, Radiance Genasi can create Continual Light once per day, as the 2nd-level Wizard spell. They can use this ability as though they were a 5th-level caster.

Radiance Genasi can be fighters, mages, Fire Elementalists, Illusionists, clerics, specialty priests (must follow a power of fire, light, or beauty), thieves, or Bards. They can also be multiclased fighter/illusionists, fighter/bards, or Illusionist/thieves. Note that most Radiance Genasi thieves become art thieves. They can be of any alignment.

Ability Requirements:

3/18 5/18 7/18 3/18 3/18 9/18

Age and Aging Effects: Same as for normal genasi.

Average Height and Weight: Same as for fire genasi.

Rogue Racial Adjustments:

Level Limits:

*includes Fire Elementalist **includes specialty priests