Ice Genasi

The crisp, refreshing chill of a mountain stream fed by melted snow; the biting cold of a deep blizzard. These are at the heart of Ice Genasi.

The common joke is that Ice Genasi must be emotionless since they're so cold-hearted, but the truth is that Ice Genasi are among the most passionate of all Genasi (Para-, Quasi-, or otherwise). Like all Para- and Quasi-Genasi, the Children of the Glacier are intensely curious about the rest of the Multiverse, but the curiosity of Ice Genasi takes on a passionate (some berks say "desperate") edge. Common chant says that life on the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice doesn't swing much through any particular emotional extreme, since the natives there do tend to be a touch on the dispassionate side. So when the Ice Genasi venture out into the big, wide Multiverse, it seems they want to make up for lost time and lost experiences. (As such, most Ice Genasi gravitate naturally to the Society of Sensation, which shares a similar philosophy.)

In appearance, all Ice Genasi tend towards sharp, angular features. Additionally, they have one or more of the following traits:

Due to their extremely curious and outgoing natures, Ice Genasi receive a +1 bonus to both Intelligence and Charisma. Since their curiosity often gets the better of them, they suffer a -1 penalty to Wisdom. Additionally, their health often seems as brittle as a snowflake, so they suffer a -1 penalty to Constitution. Ice Genasi are completely immune to the effects of non-magical cold, and can move across slick, icy surfaces at their normal movement rate without fear of falling or slipping. As such, Ice Genasi are often hired by important primes to explore the arctic areas of various prime worlds. They are affected normally by magical cold attacks (such as the breath of a white dragon), but they gain a +1 to their saving throws against all ice- or cold-based magic every 5 levels.

Additionally, Children of the Glacier can cast Frost once per day as though they were a 5th level Wizard. Frost covers various surfaces with a thin layer of ice, but is otherwise identical to the 1st-level Wizard spell Grease. Ice Genasi call this ability "composing a rime." (Ice Genasi are, for the most part, incorrigible punsters.)

Due to their inquisitive nature and their desire to experience a variety of things, Ice Genasi can be any class except Ranger, Paladin, Psionicist or Bard. They can also be multi-classed, and in fact most of them take the multi-class route since they don't want to restrict themselves to just one set of experiences. A combination of any two of the four main character classes (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief) is allowed as an acceptable multi-class for Ice Genasi. If an Ice Genasi chooses to be a specialty Wizard, he/she must choose either Air or Water Elementalism. Similarly, an Ice Genasi speciality Priest must worship a power of Ice, Cold, Air, or Water.

Ice Genasi can be of any alignment.

Ability Requirements:

4/18 7/18 5/18 3/18 4/18 3/18

Age and Aging Effects: Same as for normal Genasi

Average Height and Weight: Same as for Water Genasi

Thief Racial Adjustments:

Climb Walls: -5%
Hide in Shadows: -10%
Read Language: +15%

Level Limits:

Fighter: 11
Wizard*: 15
Priest**: 14
Thief: 13

*includes specialist mages **includes speciality priests and subclasses