Tony DiTerlizzi's artwork decisively influenced Planescape's visual appearance and style.
Racial Tables
Planescape Racial Tables of PC creatures.
Planar Races
Planar races clad in 3rd edition rules. By By Rick Coen and Ken Lipka.
Planar Metals
Planar metals under the aspects of 3rd edition rules. By Ken Lipka.
The Factions
What you always wanted to know about The factions. At a glance. By Ken Lipka.
On Tieflings
Quasi-Elemental Genasi
Notes on ash, dust, ice, lightning, magma, mineral, negatai, ooze, positai, radiance, salt, smoke, steam and vacuum genasi. By an unknown author.
Bred on the plane of chaos, limbolings represent and bear signs of true chaotic origin.
Devils' Deal
Warriors of Heaven Module by Christopher Perkins (PDF file, 618 KB).

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